Tred-MOR® 2500

Tred-MOR® 2500 Dubl-Stik® carpet cushion features superior sound suppression, antimicrobial protection, and added tensile strength to keep commercial carpets clean, healthy, and comfortable. The unique design and resilient construction extend carpet life by providing superior support.


Extra-heavy commercial. Public spaces, including institutional areas subject to CONTINUOUS rolling-wheel traffic.*

  • Public Space
  • Hospitality
  • Casino
  • Senior Living
  • Campus Housing
  • Corporate Office
  • Convention Center


  • Provides insulation and impact noise suppression to floors
  • Inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria
  • Keeps spills from penetrating to subfloor
  • Extends the life of the carpet without sacrificing comfort or appearance
  • Recommended for radiant-heated floors
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life


  • Made from synthetic rubber
  • Includes StainSTOP moisture barrier
  • Features Guardian antimicrobial
  • Available with Quik-LIFT® releasable backing for fast removal and reinstall
  • Meets or exceeds CRI Green Label Plus for air quality
Product CodeBV0167
Product NameTred-MOR® 2500
Traffic ClassificationExtra-Heavy
Material Weight100 oz./ yd²
Density33 lbs./ft³
Thickness0.250” (1/4”)
Product Dimensions54” x 30’ (15 yd²)
Approx. Shipping Wt.95 lbs. per roll
Material ContentSBR Rubber
Design ConfigurationFlat/Flat
Backing TopSpunbonded
Backing BottomPoly-Tek
Moisture Resistant100%
Indoor Air QualityCRI Green Label Plus-certified
Comfort Data
CLD PSI @ 25% Deflec. Min.7 (Method 601/12151)
CLD PSI @ 65% Deflec. Min.45 (Method 601/12151)
Breaking Strength PSI Length30 (Min. ASTM-D2646)
Breaking Strength PSI Width25 (Min. ASTM-D2646)
Compression Set15%
Flame Certification
Pill TestPass (DOC-FF 1-70)
Acoustical Data
Impact Insulation Class (IIC)
Impact Insulation Class Rating for Floating Floor Installation77
Delta (IIC)41
Sound Transmission Class (STC)52
Thermal Insulation
Meets Federal SpecClass I (ZZ-00811B, Type I)
ToxicityNo more toxic than wood – an accepted industry standard